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Colorful flowery Denim JumperD72_3041 (1)Colorful flowery Denim JumperD72_3046Colorful flowery Denim JumperFB_IMG_1506977061923Colorful flowery Denim JumperFB_IMG_1507153403643Colorful flowery Denim JumperFB_IMG_1508195197715

Colorful Flowery Denim Jumper 100$
The art on this one of a kind Judith Ann Collection piece is done by hand. There are beautiful flowers on the back pockets and in front. The jumper has beautiful bright colors for the spring and summer time that pop. This piece fits a size small or meduim.

1960's Style Macreme Bangle Bead TopFB_IMG_15069754919591960's Style Macreme Bangle Bead TopFB_IMG_15069754945551960's Style Macreme Bangle Bead TopFB_IMG_15069774190231960's Style Macreme Bangle Bead TopFB_IMG_15069776955531960's Style Macreme Bangle Bead TopFB_IMG_1506977704594

1960′s Style Macreme Bangle Bead Top 60$
Perfect for the beach or a night out. This completly original looking piece will catch anyone’s attention. It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. There is a highly decorative design of hanging beads sewn into the bottom of the blouse; including owls, keys, hearts and intricately decorated bangles.
Fits a size small and medium.

Dress Goth HoodyB_IMG_1507153421503Dress Goth HoodyFB_IMG_1507153424445Dress Goth HoodyFB_IMG_1507153680724Dress Goth HoodyFB_IMG_1507153683578Dress Goth HoodyFB_IMG_1507153686296

Dress Goth Hoody 50$
This Judith Ann Collection original piece can be worn as a top or a dress. It is a comfortable casual cotton black hoody with thumb holes for your hands. A skull is sewn into the back to give it that cool Goth or Punk style that you love.

Long black turtleneck armored pin dress20171015_191834Long black turtleneck armored pin dressFB_IMG_1506975447474Long black turtleneck armored pin dressFB_IMG_1507153658579Long black turtleneck armored pin dressFB_IMG_1507153662730Long black turtleneck armored pin dressFB_IMG_1507153666899

Long Black Turtleneck Armored Pin Dress 100$
This long black cotton dress is a truly original piece. There are seven pins running down the sides of the dress along the torso. Each pin is handcrafted. The beads are so unique that they give they appearance of an ornament. They are placed along the dress like a badge of fashion armor. The turtleneck has a leather hanging strap wrapped around it like a necklace. In the center of the strap is a leather tassel with a metal wrap. This sleek flowy dress fits a size medium and small.

Spanish Dancer Dress il_fullxfull.285237693 Spanish Dancer Dress il_fullxfull.285363074 Spanish Dancer Dress il_fullxfull.285363212 Spanish Dancer Dress il_fullxfull.285797995 Spanish Dancer Dress il_fullxfull.489626968_4mp8

Spanish Dancer Dress 65$
Black denim corset top with knit flower embroidery on pockets. Beads atatched to strap on top of dress thats wraps around the neck. Pink flared three quater length velvet skirt dubble layered with a chiffon layer on top of skirt.
Handmade item
Materials: black denim, black velvet ribbon, wooden and metal beads, pink yarn, orange yarn, yellow yarn and green yarn, pink velvet, pink chiffon

Jean Jumper il_fullxfull.489628132_jf25 Jean Jumper il_fullxfull.489628726_t4av Jean Jumper il_fullxfull.489679969_o7xb Jean Jumper il_fullxfull.490031498_n10a Jean Jumper il_fullxfull.490031670_in57

Jean Jumper 60$
: Blue denim fitted jumper with three Brazilian leather buckle straps down the back. Capri pant leg with slit on the thigh and tube top. Form fitting stretchy denim and decorate on chest of jumper.
Handmade item
Materials: Denim, Brazilian leather, buckles

Happy Days Jeans il_fullxfull.337630747 Happy Days Jeans il_fullxfull.337630805 Happy Days Jeans il_fullxfull.337630869 Happy Days Jeans il_fullxfull.337630983 Happy Days Jeans il_fullxfull.337631229

Happy Days Jeans 26$
Blue Jean Bell Bottoms with hand made designs in the the front and back depicting a happy mushroom on one side and a face on the other. The back pockets depict a psychedelic design of smiley faces.
Handmade item
Materials: Denim, Fabric Markers

Designed To Be One Of A Kind T Shirtil_fullxfull.412250649_h80p Designed To Be One Of A Kind T Shirtil_fullxfull.412252510_btf0 Designed To Be One Of A Kind T Shirtil_fullxfull.412252796_32k4 Designed To Be One Of A Kind T Shirtil_fullxfull.412252952_qlxr Designed To Be One Of A Kind T Shirtil_fullxfull.412253194_nl65

Designed To Be One Of A Kind T Shirt 18$
Cotton T-shirt with Cat Girl animie logo for The Judith Ann Collection with word bubble saying “designed to be one of a kind.” T-shirt comes in size Small, Meduim and Large and can also be speacial orderd in diffrent colors other than white.
Handmade item
Materials: Cotton, Graphic Designs, Color print

WWCWD il_fullxfull.458496905_h7i3 WWCWD il_fullxfull.458499463_7g3s WWCWD il_fullxfull.458500409_cywp WWCWD il_fullxfull.490029844_8kbe WWCWD il_fullxfull.490030436_cphm

“In times of confusion ask your self What Would Cat Woman Do?” (WWCWD) This T-shirt from The Judith Ann Collection is using the cat girl logo to create a clever pun on “What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD?) motto. This clever remark would be the kind of thing a Judith Ann Collection patron would ask her self. The Judith Ann Collection shoppers are strong and independent girls with a wild side. Who fight with power and play and in times of confusion they ask them self W.W.C.W.D? These T-shirt come in a size S,M,L so specify what size you need when placing your order.

Where is Robin Hood T shirtil_fullxfull.526697550_64pn Where is Robin Hood T shirtil_fullxfull.526762627_ps5v Where is Robin Hood T shirtil_fullxfull.526763675_frny Where is Robin Hood T shirtil_fullxfull.526764365_m6oo Where is Robin Hood T shirtil_fullxfull.526764899_f5e2

Where is Robin Hood T shirt 22$
Where is Robin Hood T shirt is not just a Piece of clothing by wearing it you are saying that you are some one who is willing to make a change Robin Hood was a hero he would steal from those who have to much and give what he took to those who are in need. The story of Robin Hood took place in the Middle Ages and it is still a problem that exits today if you are some who wants to do something about it like Robin Hood than my where is Robin Hood Tshirt will let you make the statement that we can all be our own Robin Hood this Tshirt comes in all sizes so inbox me and let’s know what size you need before ordering.

The Judith Ann Collection Sweatshirtil_fullxfull.325306975 The Judith Ann Collection Sweatshirtil_fullxfull.325433158 The Judith Ann Collection Sweatshirtil_fullxfull.333136320 The Judith Ann Collection Sweatshirtil_fullxfull.333729726 The Judith Ann Collection Sweatshirtil_fullxfull.333995752

The Judith Ann Collection Sweatshirt 20$
White hooded sweatshirt with specialty hand crafted designs on front, from flower motifs to hearts, ribbons, glass buttons, beads and more. Each section was carefully hand designed, with array of beautiful depictions.
Handmade item
Materials: white cotton, colored glue, buttons, ribbons, beads, decorative flowers, sequence

Leather Mini Dressil_fullxfull.489627468_fifn Leather Mini Dressil_fullxfull.489679659_e73n Leather Mini Dressil_fullxfull.490032906_6co2 Leather Mini Dressil_fullxfull.490085163_67vp Leather Mini Dressil_fullxfull.490085459_g6p7

Leather Mini Dress 90$
Leather Mini Dress: This leather mini dress is a very unique and special piece from The Judith Ann Collection. This dress is skin tight and form fitting due to the criss cross spandex straps that run down the back. There is a leather belt in the back which is attached to a thick silk brown ruffle. If you want to be the best dressed at your next party this would be the dress to wear!
Handmade item
Materials: Leather, Brown silk, belt buckle, Brazilian leather, medal pegs

Black Jumperil_fullxfull.488118098_hjdt Black Jumperil_fullxfull.488163155_ju8r Black Jumperil_fullxfull.488163267_axr9 Black Jumperil_fullxfull.488163349_un6y Black Jumperil_fullxfull.488163439_to7v

Black Jumper 56$
Black Jumper: The Jumper has a sleeveless vest on top that ends above the rib cage, with a colorful decorate of Cleopatra embroidered on the back. The vest has clasps down the chest and is attached to a form fitting pair of Capri short. The shorts have cargo pockets on either side and are tightly fitted on the waist. Underneath the vest attached to the shorts is a criss cross pair of suspenders. The vest is a bit roomier than the bottom half of the jumper so a loose fitted button down shirt can be worn underneath so the jumper can be easily worn to the work place and used as business attire. This jumper is also quite trendy this makes it possible to be worn for many occasions as well as formal or casual.
Handmade item
Materials: beads, embroidery, metal, Cashmere

Pink Summer Jumperil_fullxfull.337620969 Pink Summer Jumperil_fullxfull.337621021 Pink Summer Jumperil_fullxfull.337748514 Pink Summer Jumperil_fullxfull.337748560 Pink Summer Jumperil_fullxfull.337749492

Pink Summer Jumper 69$
Light Pink and Purple Summer Jumper from The Judith Ann Collection with criss cross thin cotton across the front and back of the jumper. The bottom shorts and straps of the jumper are a light pink and the top is a light purple with a embroidery design around the neck with a pink fabric around. The jumper is a stretchy cotton so it fits to the curves of your body and it easily fits a size medium and small.
Handmade item
Materials: Cotton, round beads, square beads

Lacey Pastel Dressil_fullxfull.353408191_ni08 Lacey Pastel Dressil_fullxfull.489807890_h8wl Lacey Pastel Dressil_fullxfull.489860851_r0wy Lacey Pastel Dressil_fullxfull.489861077_6po6 Lacey Pastel Dressl_fullxfull.353410283_etub

Lacey Pastel Dress 114$
Lacey Pastel Dress from The Judith Ann Collection. Dress has soft sheer pink lace sleeves and the dress itself is a mixture of a pastel purple soft pink and blue. The bottom of the dress has a chiffon lace flare that falls bellow the shin of your leg. Under the arms of the dress is a slit on either side where the pink lace from the sleeve peeks out of the dress which gives the dress an extremely unique and special look.
Handmade item
Materials: Pink lace, Purple Chiffon

Victorian Dressil_fullxfull.353421922_2mmd Victorian Dressil_fullxfull.353424645_jltl Victorian Dressil_fullxfull.353424701_l5i2 Victorian Dressil_fullxfull.353424753_1lcc Victorian Dressil_fullxfull.353425029_oe87

Victorian Dress 135$
Victorian Dress from The Judith Ann Collection. This Dress is truly special because it has blue and red hand threading embroidery between the lace area in the sleeve of the dress which gives it a very a unique and avant garde look. The back of the dress slits open and has 2 spandex black straps so the dress can fit a variety of sizes. The dress is a full length piece that has a beautiful flowing cut.
Materials: Cotton, lace, red thread, blue thread

Do Judith Ann Comics on Clothingil_fullxfull.381502555_2lik Do Judith Ann Comics on Clothingil_fullxfull.381502577_jzc0 Do Judith Ann Comics on Clothingil_fullxfull.381502971_ina5 Do Judith Ann Comics on Clothingil_fullxfull.381507472_a6zc Do Judith Ann Comics on Clothingil_fullxfull.381507840_30vi

Do Judith Ann Comics on Clothing 22$
Men’s and woman’s T-shirt in a size small, medium and,large you can have one special ordered for you in any color of choice or made to fit an X-small and X-large. T-shirt has a box comic strips on it with four scenes on front and four scenes on back.
You can click on the link for detailed images of the graphic designs on the T-shirt.
Materials: photo shop, coton blend, graphic art

Denim Dressil_fullxfull.488124074_2dph Denim Dressil_fullxfull.489685980_axjv Denim Dressil_fullxfull.489686064_7y1d Denim Dressil_fullxfull.489736295_8qxe Denim Dressl_fullxfull.489736583_rk66

Denim Dress 92$
Denim Dress from The Judith Ann Collection All designs on this dress are hand drawn and the embroidery is hand sewn. This a beautiful piece to wear out on a warm Summer or Spring day.
Handmade item
Materials: Denum, Leather, Fabric Markers, Kahki

The Judith Ann Collection Logo T shirtil_fullxfull.412247672_1tgk The Judith Ann Collection Logo T shirtil_fullxfull.489633118_dsa4 The Judith Ann Collection Logo T shirtil_fullxfull.489633300_ri4l The Judith Ann Collection Logo T shirtil_fullxfull.489683719_qdza The Judith Ann Collection Logo T shirtil_fullxfull.489685007_l256

The Judith Ann Collection Logo T shirt 18$
Cotton T shirt with cat girl animie logo in the center of T shirt. T shirt comes in a Small, Meduim, and Large size. Also it can be speacial odered for you in any color of your choice.
Materials: Cotton, Printing Press, Color Print

The Judith Ann Collection Tote Bag il_fullxfull.413391139_r583 The Judith Ann Collection Tote Bag il_fullxfull.413391417_cqzs The Judith Ann Collection Tote Bag il_fullxfull.413395224_fzyz The Judith Ann Collection Tote Bag il_fullxfull.413395316_81bn The Judith Ann Collection Tote Bag il_fullxfull.413395572_sj6w

The Judith Ann Collection Tote Bag 20$
Canvas Tote bag from The Judith Ann Collection with cat animie logo on front. Tote bag is black on bottom so you can place it down with out worrying about getting it scuffed. The body of the bag is off white and the straps are black.
Handmade item
Materials: Canvas, Screen Print, Color Printer

Suede Skirtil_fullxfull.441775530_tbmp Suede Skirtil_fullxfull.441783801_rw30 Suede Skirtil_fullxfull.489616788_r3af Suede Skirtil_fullxfull.489616940_ijt9 Suede Skirtil_fullxfull.489617082_dqxi

Suede Skirt 81$
Suede Skirt in a size meduim from The Judith Ann Collection is a very unique and original piece. This garment is hand made. The skirt is a soft tan suede pencil skirt with a wide slit in the center and a lace up draw string on the sides. The slit has a salmon coterie frill sewn into the slit. Underneath is a soft cotton pleated skirt that is sewn in to the hem of the midriff of the leather skirt wich matches tastefully matches the color of the Egyptian blue belt buckels.
Handmade item
Materials: Tan Suede, blue pleather, salmon coterie, Cotton print

Anarchy of Today's America Tshirtil_fullxfull.483460688_cme5 Anarchy of Today's America Tshirtil_fullxfull.483488412_3dnn Anarchy of Today's America Tshirtil_fullxfull.483489196_6soa Anarchy of Today's America Tshirtil_fullxfull.483500047_pdwe Anarchy of Today's America Tshirtil_fullxfull.483528321_oh4p

Anarchy of Today’s America Tshirt 22$
Tshirt from The Judith Ann Collection Comics on Clothing JAWs line that caters only to men. This Tshirt comes in a size Small Medium and Large. It is a political comic that says stick it to the man!
Handmade item

Artistic graphic Tshirtil_fullxfull.499139994_ionw Artistic graphic Tshirtil_fullxfull.499140064_ro8w Artistic graphic Tshirtil_fullxfull.499202667_6wy5 Artistic graphic Tshirtil_fullxfull.499202713_7x4i Artistic graphic Tshirtil_fullxfull.499202823_tg57

Artistic graphic Tshirt 22$
Unique and artistically designed colorful men’s short sleeve cotton Tshirt can be ordered in different colors and sizes.

Sun Flower Tote Bag il_fullxfull.526912298_3qiy Sun Flower Tote Bag il_fullxfull.526912512_7c7p Sun Flower Tote Bag il_fullxfull.526914670_m5gu Sun Flower Tote Bag il_fullxfull.526922100_rsub Sun Flower Tote Bag il_fullxfull.526978449_bqxi

Sun Flower Tote Bag 27$
Canvas two toned tote bag with A happy sun flower in front with The Judith Ann Collection written on top

Honesty T-shirtil_fullxfull.545903670_eg4m Honesty T-shirtil_fullxfull.545983389_750i Honesty T-shirtil_fullxfull.545983457_s0r7 Honesty T-shirtil_fullxfull.545986675_jl2g Honesty T-shirtil_fullxfull.545993571_1lus

Honesty Tshirt 25$
The Judith Ann Collection asks “If Honesty Scares you are you an ostrich or a mind a reader? because I’m not” This T-shirt is for those who are not afraid to be honest and speak there mind. It mocks those who like to stick there head in the sand and avoid the truth, and those who try to read your mind rather than find out what’s really going on. This awesome shirt celebrates the fact that you are some one who is willing to speak out.

JAWs Graphic art Tshirtil_fullxfull.483548462_3r37 JAWs Graphic art Tshirtil_fullxfull.483548572_s0xp JAWs Graphic art Tshirtil_fullxfull.483588517_aprh JAWs Graphic art Tshirtil_fullxfull.483588567_88lk JAWs Graphic art Tshirtil_fullxfull.483588615_qjkp

JAWs Graphic art Tshirt 22$
White cotton Tshirt original design from The Judith Ann Collection’s JAWs line for men. T-shirt is sold in a size small medium and large.
Handmade item
Materials: Cotton, graphic art

Crazy Face T-shirtil_fullxfull.581651932_4b1dCrazy Face T-shirtil_fullxfull.581652194_431hCrazy Face T-shirtil_fullxfull.581765021_434dCrazy Face T-shirtil_fullxfull.581765729_64azCrazy Face T-shirtil_fullxfull.581766039_qhw3

Crazy Face T-shirt 25$
This T-shirt is an original design by Judith Ann from The Judith Ann Collection’s Jaw’s line T-shirt’s for him. It comes in all sizes and can be special ordered in any color of your choice for an additional $10.00 just inbox the color you would like to have your T-shirt printed in.
Handmade item
Materials: screen print, printing press, cotton, photo shop, graphic design

Fashionable Leather Blazer il_fullxfull.695378718_ilv2Fashionable Leather Blazer il_fullxfull.695499163_czreFashionable Leather Blazer il_fullxfull.695499865_d0ftFashionable Leather Blazer il_fullxfull.695500577_89fdFashionable Leather Blazer il_fullxfull.695501483_q1g8

Fashionable Leather Blazer 150$
Leather blazer with lace sleeves. Jacket has array of buttons and decorations, there are zippers on the cuffs of the sleeve and a small zipper to close the jacket above the mid waist. This blazer is very avant guard and chick it is hand made one of a kind piece that comes in a size small.
Handmade item
Materials: Buttons, leather, Cotton blend, Black lace, Zippers

Fitted Lace Up Dress Pantsil_fullxfull.696699058_2qs6Fitted Lace Up Dress Pantsil_fullxfull.696699122_6227Fitted Lace Up Dress Pantsil_fullxfull.696699194_d1fkFitted Lace Up Dress Pantsil_fullxfull.696699252_osvnFitted Lace Up Dress Pantsil_fullxfull.696699330_femp

Fitted Lace Up Dress Pants 100$
Black fitted dress pants with draw string lace up side. Pants have zipper pockets and zipper on bottom of leg and have medal pendants down the back of leg and around the waist. Pants are in a retro punk rocker steam punk style. They come in a size small.
Handmade item
Materials: Hand made, Black Lycra, Zipper, Black lace, Medal pendants

American Olympic Jacketil_fullxfull.564596506_oxm8American Olympic Jacketil_fullxfull.564596588_6skdAmerican Olympic Jacketil_fullxfull.564706655_2v51American Olympic Jacketil_fullxfull.564917153_rfapAmerican Olympic Jacketil_fullxfull.564917227_5kvr

American Olympic Jacket 100$
If you watch the Olympics and your routing for the USA this jacket would be the perfect jacket for you. It is fashionable an chic and it is covered in real sports medals with the American flag on front. It’s a fun jacket to wear out if you are into steam punk movement or if your a fan of sports. This Jacket comes in a size small.
Handmade item
Materials: Black denim, American flag, track medals, zippers

Hand braided T-shirt with original Printil_fullxfull.640849518_i6unHand braided T-shirt with original Printil_fullxfull.640850616_o6htHand braided T-shirt with original Printil_fullxfull.640969917_3oziHand braided T-shirt with original Printil_fullxfull.640970009_qw5lHand braided T-shirt with original Printil_fullxfull.640970249_lydc

Hand braided T-shirt with original Print $50
Hand braided T-shirt with original Judith Ann Collection graphic print. Cotton shirt is braided down the back and on the sleeves and collar. Garment comes in all sizes and can be ordered in any color of your choice for an additional $10 dollars.
Handmade item
Materials: Braided back, cotton, Braided sleeves, printing press, Cotton blend, Hand braided, graphic design, Hand made, photo shop, screen print, Braided collar

Hand braided Where is Robin Hood T-shirtil_fullxfull.639572644_t675Hand braided Where is Robin Hood T-shirtil_fullxfull.639572738_jl9lHand braided Where is Robin Hood T-shirtil_fullxfull.639572742_ok9dHand braided Where is Robin Hood T-shirtil_fullxfull.639572768_pe0dHand braided Where is Robin Hood T-shirtil_fullxfull.639572914_ffda

Hand braided Where is Robin Hood T-shirt 50$
Hand braided cotton T-shirt with original graphic designs. Image on front depicts a male and female Robin Hood cartoon. The t-shirt has strong message that says “Where is Robin Hood? We can all be our own Robin Hood change starts with you fighting for the common good” This T-shirt has a hand braided collar, sleeves and back with hand made tassels on the bottom. This Shirt is great because it is not just a beautifully hand made piece piece of clothing it has a strong message and beautiful original graphic art. T-shirt can be ordered in any size or any color of your choice for an additional $10 dollars.
Handmade item
Materials: Braided back, cotton, Braided sleeves, printing press, Cotton blend, Hand braided, graphic design, Hand made, photo shop, screen print, Braided collar

Hand braided don't touch my fire T-shirtil_fullxfull.639581723_pyy8Hand braided don't touch my fire T-shirtil_fullxfull.639582799_p1jzHand braided don't touch my fire T-shirtil_fullxfull.639582867_jd59Hand braided don't touch my fire T-shirtil_fullxfull.639583669_efe8Hand braided don't touch my fire T-shirtil_fullxfull.639583683_qduy

Hand braided don’t touch my fire T-shirt 50$
Hand braided cotton T-shirt that has a sexy fun, funny cute comic girl on the front of T-shirt that says don’t touch my fire unless you want to get burned. T-shirt has a hand braided collar, sleeves, and back with hand trimmed bottom. This impressive cotton T-shirt is not just fun and humorous it is hand braided threw out the entire T-Shirt so it is mix of couture and casual wear.
Handmade item
Materials: Braided back, cotton, Braided sleeves, printing press, Cotton blend, photo shop, Hand braided, graphic design, Hand made, Braided collar

L.O.L. Laugh Our Loud T-shirtil_fullxfull.618383026_gl01L.O.L. Laugh Our Loud T-shirtil_fullxfull.618501047_jqk8L.O.L. Laugh Our Loud T-shirtil_fullxfull.618501361_629zL.O.L. Laugh Our Loud T-shirtil_fullxfull.618501499_2diaL.O.L. Laugh Our Loud T-shirtil_fullxfull.618507371_3zom

L.O.L. Laugh Out Loud T-shirt 25$
Cotton short sleeve T-shirt for her that uses humor to poke fun at text abbreviations. The most popular text abbreviation is LOL which stands for Laugh at loud, but it is also used to show that your joking or teasing some one and if used too frequently it can look like your mocking someone. The Judith Ann Collection markets it’s clothing to the modern girl or woman who is hip to today’s lingo. The image in front is savvy fashionista who speaks her mind and is checking her phone only to see another text miscommunication! The T-shirt reads “To many Lol’s in one sentence makes it look like your mocking me!” “Stop Laughing BITCH I’m not a clown!!!”. This T-shirt comes in all sizes, and can be special ordered in any color of your choice for an additional $9.99
Handmade item
Materials: photo shop, screen print, printing press, Cotton blend, cotton, graphic design

Grey Embroidered Patchwork Denim Jacketil_fullxfull.769650442_q7rdGrey Embroidered Patchwork Denim Jacketil_fullxfull.769650658_jfsjGrey Embroidered Patchwork Denim Jacketil_fullxfull.769659342_956rGrey Embroidered Patchwork Denim Jacketil_fullxfull.769691343_2mf6Grey Embroidered Patchwork Denim Jacketil_fullxfull.769691467_77hw

Grey Embroidered Patchwork Denim Jacket 110$
Grey denim jacket from The Judith Ann Collection, today’s hottest urban renewal clothing. Jacket features detailed and stylish patchwork embroidery. On the back there is a pink and grey patch featuring a image of a jewel fish splashing threw the water. On the sleeve there’s a parks and recreation patch with a cute little raccoon. Animals and the environment are important to The Judith Ann Collection so specializing in urban renewal is good for the environment and for the customer. It comes in a size small.
Handmade item
Materials: Denim, jean, patches, embroidery, zippers, buckles, clasps

Satin pink dress with handbeaded trimil_fullxfull.981714932_d1t5Satin pink dress with handbeaded trimil_fullxfull.1028248331_ojm4Satin pink dress with handbeaded trimil_fullxfull.1028248333_fmiaSatin pink dress with handbeaded trimil_fullxfull.1028248335_t8m6Satin pink dress with handbeaded trimil_fullxfull.1028248347_cjc8

Satin pink dress with handbeaded trim 150$
Satin rose pink dress with black lace vest attached. Dress has a beautiful array of hand picked beads around the bottom trim of the dress. Dress fits a size medium and small belt in the back adjusts to size of body.
Handmade item
Materials: pink satin, black lace, Hand made

Pink Satin Patchwork Pantsil_fullxfull.770311229_fw39Pink Satin Patchwork Pantsil_fullxfull.770311279_iuc5Pink Satin Patchwork Pantsil_fullxfull.770311559_noxlPink Satin Patchwork Pantsil_fullxfull.771321759_68ykPink Satin Patchwork Pantsil_fullxfull.771321939_b4fm

Pink Satin Patchwork Pants 95$
Soft pink satin pants from The Judith Ann Collection the hottest urban renewal trends. Pants have decorative and fun patchwork sewn down the leg. Patchwork gives pants a fun and trendy edge. Pants come in a size medium small.
Handmade item
Materials: satin, black and pink neon patches, buckels, spandex waistband

Denim Mini Dressil_fullxfull.769824262_pd0tDenim Mini Dressil_fullxfull.769864493_hfdmDenim Mini Dressil_fullxfull.769864625_7u83Denim Mini Dressil_fullxfull.769864803_ga8lDenim Mini Dressil_fullxfull.769865095_bpl2

Denim Mini Dress 110$
Denim Mini Dress from The Judith Ann Collection’s hottest urban renewal trends. Dress has a grey artificial leather patch with a jewel techno color sewn in back. Dress comes in a size small.
Handmade item
Materials: Denim, Jeans, artificial leather, zipper, jewels

Black balerina sundressB_IMG_1506975436255Black balerina sundressFB_IMG_1506975432894Black balerina sundressFB_IMG_1506977302149Black balerina sundressFB_IMG_1506977304906Black balerina sundressFB_IMG_1506977634526

Ballerina Sundress 120$
Fun summer dress with pink pleated skirt and black button up cotton corset with pink chiffon halter neck. Dress fits a size small and X-small.
Handmade item
Materials: pink pleated flare, black cotton, pink chiffon

Embroidered Yellow Sundressil_fullxfull.982601862_hwm1Embroidered Yellow Sundressil_fullxfull.982601864_m9nqEmbroidered Yellow Sundressil_fullxfull.982601866_3h0gEmbroidered Yellow Sundressil_fullxfull.982601884_sqy5Embroidered Yellow Sundressil_fullxfull.982601890_j45m

Embroidered Yellow Sundress 120$
Flowing soft cotton yellow dress inspired by Game of Thrones. Dress fits a size medium and small. Dress has a spandex blue belt on waist to adjust to different sizes. Flowers are embroidered on the chest and detailed teal print is on the cuffs of sleeves neck and bottom of dress.
Handmade item

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk T-shirtil_fullxfull.561918760_jjf0Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk T-shirtil_fullxfull.561918930_qvveDon't Cry Over Spilled Milk T-shirtil_fullxfull.561919094_4mqzDon't Cry Over Spilled Milk T-shirtil_fullxfull.562030303_rwjmDon't Cry Over Spilled Milk T-shirtil_fullxfull.562030391_6i58

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk T-shirt 25$
On front of T-shirt The Judith Ann Collection cat girl logo has spilled a saucer of milk she is drinking from. The T-shirt say’s “How to forgive your self don’t Cry over spilled milk” on back of the T-shirt it say’s “say sorry me and respond your forgiven”. This T-shirt is telling the reader don’t make a big deal over the little things and if you do make a mistake don’t beat your self up about it and forgive your self. This a really great message for everyone who tends to be to hard on them selves. It brings a light cheery joke to remind us to smile and move forward. This T-shirt comes in all sizes and can be special ordered in all colors for an additional ten dollars.
Handmade item
Materials: graphic design, screen print, cotton

Art Deco Denim Dressil_fullxfull.557340406_r6elArt Deco Denim Dressil_fullxfull.557431635_kc1qArt Deco Denim Dressil_fullxfull.557431787_p60gArt Deco Denim Dressil_fullxfull.557431915_rj9oArt Deco Denim Dressil_fullxfull.557431979_olyz

Art Deco Denim Dress 85$
Denim dress with one shoulder strap. I has a leather peace sign sewn on the breast of the dress and here are three leather straps sewn into the dress on either side and on the waist which makes it pop. The art work on the dress is done by hand which gives it a very art nouveau Art Deco look and makes it a very unique piece. The dress is fitted and has a side slit on the on each leg.
Dress comes in a size small
Handmade item
Materials: leather, peace sighn, ash wash denim, fabric marker

Business Casual Body Suitil_fullxfull.556256670_mv0dBusiness Casual Body Suitil_fullxfull.556256786_ri24Business Casual Body Suitil_fullxfull.556257114_rbhqBusiness Casual Body Suitil_fullxfull.556257270_psfoBusiness Casual Body Suitil_fullxfull.556348287_9rv4

Business Casual Body Suit 95$
This beautiful black one piece body suit is not only sexy and a very attractive piece of clothing it is something you can wear to work on a warm summer day. The cut of the shorts are right above the knee which is perfect for an office job. The shorts have a button up high waist that end at the top of the chest and suspenders that are adjustable. The top is is a small vest that is sewn in to the waist of the garment and closes down the middle with a hook and latch.
Comes in a Size Small
Handmade item
Materials: hook and latch, rayon silk blend, suspenders, cleopatra embroidery, buckles, buttons

Honesty T-shirt for himil_fullxfull.554085948_sn01Honesty T-shirt for himil_fullxfull.554086300_6i3kHonesty T-shirt for himil_fullxfull.554178281_qu6fHonesty T-shirt for himil_fullxfull.554180339_itq5Honesty T-shirt for himil_fullxfull.554181927_hlq5

Honesty T-shirt for him 25$
The Judith Ann Collection (JAW’s line for him) say’s
“If honesty scares you … are you ostrich or a mind reader??? because I am not”
To bad; most people rather stick there head in the sand and avoid addressing issues that are uncomfortable or try to read your mind rather than just ask. Thankfully YOU are some one who say’s what needs to be said when times are tough. This T-shirt lets others know that you are not afraid to speak your mind.
T-shirt comes all sizes
Handmade item
Materials: Cotton blend, printing press, screen print

Gold Medal Skirtil_fullxfull.564497452_pbniGold Medal Skirtil_fullxfull.564607701_jd69Gold Medal Skirtil_fullxfull.564607739_tr8pGold Medal Skirtil_fullxfull.564607867_qh5jGold Medal Skirtil_fullxfull.564608079_8nhm

Gold Medal Skirt 80$
This Skirt is a very unique piece it uses medals from track competitions as suspenders to incorporate the importance The Judith Ann Collection has for recycling fabrics to help better our planet. The suspenders are red white and blue and criss cross around the front and back to create a really playful and fun design.
Skirt comes in a size Small
Handmade item
Materials: Track medals, Gold medallions, black cotton, Copper

Velvety flapper dressil_fullxfull.671211812_3cfwVelvety flapper dressil_fullxfull.671212236_4yb7Velvety flapper dressil_fullxfull.671335707_o6toVelvety flapper dressil_fullxfull.671335737_adoaVelvety flapper dressil_fullxfull.671335783_1weo

Velvety flapper dress 100$
Form fitting maroon dress with a velvet spandex bodice and spaghetti strap sleeves. The dress is a sheer moron nylon on the chest and on the flare on bottom of dress. Dress is in a size small.
Handmade item
Materials: Sheer nylon, Hand made, lace, spandex, Velvet, elastic

Leather halter topil_fullxfull.664203366_sydyLeather halter topil_fullxfull.664331925_65xeLeather halter topil_fullxfull.664332015_2zivLeather halter topil_fullxfull.664332035_sna7Leather halter topil_fullxfull.664332069_km0t

Leather halter top 70$
Tan Leather top. Halter top has long blue hanging suede frills attached to the bottom of the shirt. Each frill is 16 inches long with matching blue rope tie in the back of halter top. Each suede frill is hand sewn on to halter giving it a beautiful sway as you walk. Leather Top is made in a size small.
Handmade item
Materials: Blue swayed, leather, Hand made, Tan leather, Synthetic lining, Blue rope

Surrealistic Artistic T-shirtil_fullxfull.555793912_om99Surrealistic Artistic T-shirtil_fullxfull.555796116_oppsSurrealistic Artistic T-shirtil_fullxfull.555802912_941zSurrealistic Artistic T-shirtil_fullxfull.555803218_dhrqSurrealistic Artistic T-shirtil_fullxfull.555885613_8v0a

Surrealistic Artistic T-shirt 25$
Woman’s Cotton T-shirt comes in all sizes with original art on T-shirt drawn by Judith Ann. Image is completely original art work. The design on the T-shirt was inspired by the surreal movement and the abstract movement. The image plays with bright and fun colors. The T-shirt is fun casual and play’s with the artistic eye and can be ordered in any color for an additional ten dollars.
Handmade item
Materials: White Cotton, Printing Press, Screen Print, graphic design

Sun Dressil_fullxfull.555471950_dj0lSun Dressil_fullxfull.555472406_ht5xSun Dressil_fullxfull.555564597_bc1dSun Dressil_fullxfull.555564777_qenuSun Dressil_fullxfull.555565215_hyzb

Sun Dress 120$
High fashion sun dress with black denim lace up corset. Straps wrap around the front shoulder and back of neck and has beaded embroidery. Dress has two pockets in front with a knit flower embroidered over each pocket. Bottom half of the dress is a velvety flare pink skirt.
Dress is in a size small
Handmade item
Materials: black denim, Pink Chiffon, Pink lace, beading, knit flowers, metal buttons, velvet lace

TV Madnessil_fullxfull.554607974_58k8TV Madnessil_fullxfull.554619174_59f3TV Madnessil_fullxfull.554697227_gu49TV Madnessil_fullxfull.554697973_d9z0TV Madnessil_fullxfull.554701211_5usl

TV Madness 25$
The mouth of madness is talking to you from inside your TV box set, this wacky fun T-shirt design from The Judith Ann collections JAWs line for him is a completely original drawing. It captivates a cartoon playful sketch with a touch of surrealism.
made in all sizes
Handmade item
Materials: Cotton blend, screen print, graphic design

High Fashion Leather Lace Lace-up Suspendersil_fullxfull.554111656_gfd1High Fashion Leather Lace Lace-up Suspendersil_fullxfull.554111694_4ct9High Fashion Leather Lace Lace-up Suspendersil_fullxfull.554112208_9yerHigh Fashion Leather Lace Lace-up Suspendersil_fullxfull.554112698_t9mxHigh Fashion Leather Lace Lace-up Suspendersil_fullxfull.554206077_fwbb

High Fashion Leather Lace Lace-up Suspenders 120$
Truly original one of a kind high fashion suspender pants. Pants are a thick grey stretch fabric with a leather lace up strap on either side of the pants. The lace up leather strap starts at the waist and continues down to the bottom of the leg. On sides of strap there is a 1 inch width pieces of lace that continues down either side of the leather strap. The lace strap shifts in color from black to white. On the back of the pants are leather pockets with with a lace design for show on either pocket. on the front pelvis of the pants it a leather lace up for show though can be used for tightening the waist. The bottom leg of the pants is completely warped in leather and has a 6 inch zipper on the bottom of the leg and can be opened or closed to adjust the flare of the pant leg. Above the knee cap of the pants is another leather strap 1 inch in width. The suspenders on pants are adjustable and can be tightened or loosened to adjust to your body.
Pants are in a size small
Handmade item
Materials: zipper, leather, lace up, lace, spandex, buckles, suspenders

Little Shop of Horrors T-shirtil_fullxfull.615714278_7pysLittle Shop of Horrors T-shirtil_fullxfull.615714452_n5klLittle Shop of Horrors T-shirtil_fullxfull.615715230_8fxoLittle Shop of Horrors T-shirtil_fullxfull.615834755_c2xoLittle Shop of Horrors T-shirtil_fullxfull.615834861_7i0r

Little Shop of Horrors T-shirt 25$
Original graphic design T-shirt for men with little shop of horrors Venus fly trap plant on front with a large Cheshire Cat type smile on it’s face. T-shirt comes in all sizes and can be special ordered in any color for an additional ten dollars.
Handmade item

Pastel Lace Dressil_fullxfull.555757708_ltc3Pastel Lace Dressil_fullxfull.555758020_rl8tPastel Lace Dressil_fullxfull.555773800_hzedPastel Lace Dressil_fullxfull.555848653_b57qPastel Lace Dressil_fullxfull.555864357_8wcv

Pastel Lace Dress 150$
Dress is a soft purple and pink color. I has a long pink lace stretch fabric sleeve that continues down the side of the dress under the arms and ends at the waist. The belt of the dress with is pink sequin wrap. The chest and back and skirt of dress is a purple lace fabric that is the main fabric of the dress. The bottom of the dress is a pink and purple lace tassel.
Dress is in a size small
Handmade item
Materials: Pink lace, purple lace, Purple tassel, Pink tassel, purple chiffon, Pink sequins, pink belt

Silver couturier dressil_fullxfull.664832975_dbs7Silver couturier dressil_fullxfull.664833041_7otpSilver couturier dressil_fullxfull.665058359_mfc0Silver couturier dressil_fullxfull.665060761_y25nSilver couturier dressil_fullxfull.667115463_3345

Silver couturier dress 150$
Hand made dress with brittle silver twill and a polyester lining. Silver lace sheer turtleneck with clasp in back and strip of silver twill down the center of neckline. Dress has long slits down either side of the leg and lace short selves. Dress is a size medium small.
Materials: Polyester, Medal clasp, Back zipper, Silver lace, Black lining, Wool, Silver twill

Bohemian Dressil_fullxfull.664460680_299zBohemian Dressil_fullxfull.664460834_t5d1Bohemian Dressil_fullxfull.664589831_rkn9Bohemian Dressil_fullxfull.664589909_evetBohemian Dressil_fullxfull.664589985_terw

Bohemian Dress 110$
Teal blue bohemian style dress with long slits on either side of the leg. Dress has black center with intricate flowery embroidery. Dress has short selves with a black cuff and a medal clip button on the collar. Collar can be worn opened or closed. When closed it exposes a teardrop shape on the chest. This dress is hand made and one of a kind and fits a size small.
Handmade item
Materials: Polyester, Teal blue material, Medal clasp, Embroidery, Cotton blend, cotton

Double layer suede skirtil_fullxfull.664220934_3di6Double layer suede skirtil_fullxfull.664221176_qc6fDouble layer suede skirtil_fullxfull.664221410_jfi0Double layer suede skirtil_fullxfull.664221442_td6uDouble layer suede skirtil_fullxfull.664349527_fd2c

Double layer suede skirt 140$
Tan suede skirt with slit down center front. Slit has soft pink coterie frill along the opening of the slit. Skirt is double layered. It has a polyester skirt underneath with a flowery fall colored fabric. Fabric has blue and tan colors that match the colors of the skirt it’s self and the blue skirt belt buckles. Skirt is a medium small.
Handmade item
Materials: Tan leather, Corduroy, Pleather, Polyester, Suede, Cotton blend, Synthetic materials, Hand made, leather, Coderio

Don't Touch My Fire Unless You Want To Get Burned T-shirtil_fullxfull.604393974_nfruDon't Touch My Fire Unless You Want To Get Burned T-shirtil_fullxfull.604394100_cwxfDon't Touch My Fire Unless You Want To Get Burned T-shirtil_fullxfull.604394200_dzzqDon't Touch My Fire Unless You Want To Get Burned T-shirtil_fullxfull.604394310_5vayDon't Touch My Fire Unless You Want To Get Burned T-shirtil_fullxfull.604498749_p48w

Don’t Touch My Fire Unless You Want To Get Burned T-shirt 25$
Humorous t-shirt for her that says “Don’t touch my fire unless you want to get burned” with a sexy image of a woman with a hot burning fire on her backside. This cotton t-shirt is fun and playful if you like to tease the boys! It comes in all sizes and can be special ordered in any color of your choice for an additional $10.00.
Handmade item
Materials: cotton, graphic design, photo shop, printing press, screen print

Abstract Art T-shirtil_fullxfull.560647180_nmhlAbstract Art T-shirtil_fullxfull.560758217_im4vAbstract Art T-shirtil_fullxfull.560758313_slk3Abstract Art T-shirtil_fullxfull.560758383_rrn8Abstract Art T-shirtil_fullxfull.560758439_c162

Abstract Art T-shirt 25$
T-shirts for him from The Judith Ann Collections (JAW’s line). This design was a original drawing by Judith Ann. T-shirt comes in a all sizes and can be ordered in any color for an additional ten dollars.
Handmade item
Materials: screen print, cotton, printing press, graphic design

Green Puzzle Face T-shirtil_fullxfull.604412868_93y2Green Puzzle Face T-shirtil_fullxfull.604413194_drg4Green Puzzle Face T-shirtil_fullxfull.604517813_l33wGreen Puzzle Face T-shirtil_fullxfull.604517897_4w2aGreen Puzzle Face T-shirtil_fullxfull.604518075_sjr0

Green Puzzle Face T-shirt 25$
Cotton t-shirt for him with original surreal artistic design on front. Image displays three separate angles of abstract depiction of a green face or puzzle piece. This T-shirt design is very unique but still trendy and fun. T-shirt comes in all sizes and can be special ordered in any color of your choice for an additional $10.00.
Handmade item
Materials: graphic design, cotton Tshirt, photo shop, printing press, screen print


Feminist Embodiment Painting $650
Painting is painted in acrylic paint by artist Judith Ann Warren. Canvas is 6 inches across and 12 long. It symbolizes feminine power showing a beautiful woman in the nude with long blonde hair. She is holding a sword above her head and she has a long snake coiled around her body. This image is very symbolic. The sword above her head represents strength and the snake represents outside phallic forces that she must fight to gain her independence and strength.


The Minds Eye Painting $500
Abstract painting by artist Judith Ann Warren painted in acrylic mixed with surrealism. Painting has an eye in the center crying symbolic tears of blood with a original poem that is filled with sensuality and passion. Poem is painted around the eye. Painting is filled with rich beautiful bright colors. Painting is 12 by 12 inches in a glass black frame.


Freedom of a Fairy painting $800
Original painting by artist Judith Ann Warren. This beautifully done painting is painted in acrylics with bright warm colors that capture a the hill side of a beautiful sunny day. The gold medal frame was customized for this painting and it brings out the saturation of the bright colors. Painting is 22 inches wide and 16 inches long. It shows a struggle between a exotic fairy captured in a vine of flowers with a brute man. This truly magical painting will inspire your mind and heart. It shows the true nature of beauty and life with rich symbolism behind the struggle between the woman and man, giving the viewer a peek into the creative mind of the artist.


In The Heart of Chaos Painting $1000
Painting is painted in Acrylics by Artist Judith Ann Warren it is 24 inches wide and 18 inches long and it comes with a gold medal ribbed customized frame. This piece is is a mixture of surrealism and fantasy art. It captures a sense of turmoil threw the eyes of the voluptuous angelic female fighting for her life. She is nude which symbolizes vulnerability. There is chaos and instability because the world around her is coming to an end. In the painting there is a massive crack in the ground from an earthquake that rattle snakes are coming out off. In the center of the painting there is a beautiful naked woman and handsome 16th century pirate. The woman is viscously fighting off rattle snakes that are attacking her and coiling around her while the pirate try’s to help or calm her. One rattlesnake even tries to enter the distressed damsel. There are shooting stars crashing into the ocean creating massive title waves and a dragon flying over them. The fire shooting out of the mouth of the dragon looks like an image of the earth in flames. Creating a feeling of hopelessness thus the tear in the damsels eye. The viewer may not be able to tell if the pirate is trying to save her or hurt her this is done on purpose in order to project the view of what the female antagonist is perceiving. Though she is unsure if he will harm her or save her he is her only promise of hope in a world that is being destroyed. This painting is beautifully crafted and rich with symbolism. It let’s the imagination of the viewer run wild finding deep meaning. This masterpiece will inspire and empower those who view it and fill the mind with a sense of aw and wonder. It is carefully crafted with masterful detail threw out every inch of the painting.


Heaven and Hell Painting $850
The heaven and hell painting is a surreal depiction if light verses darkness. The female goddess of cats incorporated from the Egyptian god is mixed with today’s version of a beautiful angel she represents all that is good and beautiful. On the a-posing side is a imaginative version of the angel lucifer. He is tall dark and handsome with the phallic snake rapped around his groin bitting at the breast of the beautiful Egyptian Goddess. The background is an abyss of light fading into darkness. At one side of the painting where the beautiful goddess lays there is light and bright colors with the sun in the sky and on the a-posing side where lucifer lays there is darkness and the night sky with stars above. This painting is 22 inches in width and 18 inches long. It is also interchangeable. You can hang with the beautiful Egyptian goddess on bottom facing the viewer or you can hang it with lucifer on bottom facing the viewer. Either way this painting is truly a masterpiece the sparks the imagination of the viewer. It is rich with symbolism and detail with beautiful rich colors that will provoke introspection and wonder to any creative mind that enjoys art. Painting is painted in acrylics and comes with a frame.


Adam & Eve Painting $675
Painting of Adam and Eve by artist Judith Ann Warren. Painting is painted in the surreal artistic vision. It shows Adam and Eve procreating after they have eaten the forbidden Apple. The Apple given Adam knowledge and wisdom. The light spawning from his fingertips represents his newfound ability to create. Eve is crying for she now understands the pain of love.


Moments of Clarity in Times of Disparity $49.99
Moments of Clarity in Times of Disparity is a fully color illustrated poetry book written and Illustrated by author Judith Ann Warren. It includes ten chapters of poetry and illustrations.
Chapter one The Creative Mind is poetry that expresses that intellect of a creative person giving the reader insight into the author and what compelled her to create this book. Chapter two A Quick pome includes an assortment of quick and fun pomes as well as a few dark nursery rhymes. Chapter three Romance and Love Poetry is a compilation of love pomes, breakup poetry, heart ache, eroticism and sensuality. Chapter four Spiritual Poetry will intrigue anyone who is spiritual, religious, agnostic or atheist. Chapter five Tumult and Turmoil Poetry dives into the afflictions of a struggling artist. Chapter six Poetic Justice for Existential Crisis The Human Condition are pomes that give a strictly existential view to the meaning of life and human conflict. Chapter seven A prelude to Man Kind are pomes about societal and sociological issues. Chapter eight Person of Interest are pomes about different people and characters and their personal stories and strife. The Place I live are Pomes about physical, emotional and symbolic places. The last chapter, chapter nine The Animal kingdom are pomes about animals using human emotion.
Publisher:CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date:01/09/2016

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