Modeling For Hillary Flowers Fashion

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Andrew Felton
Anna Winters
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Judy’s Jewelry Line


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Natasha Fashion Modeling Runway Show


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Mardi Gras Fashion Show





Fashion Show for The Judith Ann Collection


Hillary Flowers Fashion Show for The Judith Ann Collection at The Sky Room

Judith Ann Creative

"Dream house" Judith Ann sculpture


This showcases my personal artwork and gives you the unique look you want to have.


Happy New Year’s Fashion show

new years fashion show

Happy New Year’s Fashion show at Hillary Flower’s Fashion show, noted at the IRON BAR NYC.


Hello world!

2014 it’s here and Judith Ann Collection website, decided to finally get a full makeover. Special thanks to and Hector Nava for taking the time to re-design and developed my website, I hope you guys like it, MUAH!!! xoxo Sincere JUDITH ANN..